About us

Have questions about Taste Society? You can email us directly at info@tastesociety.com

Taste Society was created by a group of food loving individuals who needed a place to chronicle their food journeys. Eventually, they hope to build up a knowledge-base of all known foods and related information. Help them on their quest for food knowledge! Visit our Facebook or blog for our updates :)

The hands and brains behind this operation

Derek Yau systems designer

Technology enthusiast with a keen interest in developing and producing new products, innovations and ideas. Seeks to love what he does, and ultimately change the world through it. Love finding great food, making simple dishes, and chowing down.

Stuff I'm into:

  • concept-to-production lifecycle
  • transformational ideas/social change
  • basketball, skiing, ultimate, nature

Sunny To systems designer

Systems integrator with a passion to build and integrate new ideas and systems. He is always ready to talk about new concepts and building new things. Sunny believes in experimentation with both products and food. His eating philosophy? The best meals are those with a balance of lightness and distinct flavour. He would probably try eating anything at least once in his life.

Stuff I'm into:

  • design of systems and data analysis
  • philosophy/transformation of society
  • basketball, snowboarding, golf

Karen Lo interaction designer

Graphic/communication/UI/HCI interface design. Likes to do design research, ethnographic studies for projects. Love to read books on design, innovation, management (Drucker), sustainability, data visualization.

Stuff I'm into:

  • design consulting
  • photography (lomography/kids/events)
  • guitar/piano, drawing
  • cake baking, eating cookies

Our Design Process

Coming soon... check back here later