Guacamole Toast

Classification: Hors D'oeuvres Homemade


Open-uri20110902-28806-g2ray0-0 posted this
6 years ago

Melba toast topped with proscuitto ham, guacamole and lemon zest.


  • dory

    I would love to try this!!!!

    dory commented 6 years ago
  • yomada

    I love this appetizer! The salty taste of proscuitto ham is well balanced by the guacamole. A great combination!

    yomada commented 6 years ago
  • sunny

    I was just thinking about this idea earlier today...lo and behold, this looks awesome. Gotta do it up!

    sunny commented 6 years ago
  • karen

    me too, and I'm not even a huge fan of guacamole. But I love proscuitto!

    karen commented 6 years ago
  • pkandathil

    that looks soooo good.

    pkandathil commented 6 years ago

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