Salmon And Toro Sashimi

Classification: Sashimi Restaurant

Sushi Garden Japanese Restaurant

4635 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 2B3, Canada
Open-uri20110901-10692-1lp0vlu-0 posted this
almost 7 years ago

Tuna and salmon sashimi ;), welcome to vancouver where value meets fresh. Those are HUGE pieces, and yes they taste as good as they look.


  • amylu

    Wuahhh.. love!

    amylu commented over 6 years ago
  • charlton

    wow that looks amazing

    charlton commented over 6 years ago
  • derekyau

    its all about the toro... all about the TORO!

    derekyau commented over 6 years ago
  • nessa

    mmm, so jelly. The seafood salad is amaaaazing there.

    nessa commented almost 7 years ago

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