Papaya Soup

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Pic 1: Ingredients: 2 Hawaiian papaya, pork neckbones, snow (white) fungus, dried figs, almonds

Pic 2: Place porkneck bones in boiling water for 10 mins.  to get rid of the blood.

Pic 3: Then drain the porkneck bones and rinse it under cold water .

Pic 4: Soak snow (white) fungus in cold water for a few hours until soft.

Pic 5: Then rinse the softened snow (white) fungus under cold water .

Pic 6: Peeland cut papaya , remove the seeds and chop them into big chunks.

Pic 7: Place all the ingredients into the stock pot with boiling water and let it simmer at medium to low heat for a few hours and season with salt to taste.

Amy cocktail dress posted this
almost 7 years ago

This soup is great for nourishing the throat and lung. It is good for all season and especially in winter time.


  • nessa

    Love the step-by-step photos and instructions!

    nessa commented almost 7 years ago
  • dory

    Thanks for sharing this recipe, Aunty Amy! Will definitely give it a try! :)

    dory commented almost 7 years ago
  • derekyau

    thanks for the soup mom - miss this stuff, i'm gonna make some at home!

    derekyau commented almost 7 years ago
  • jtyau

    oh, I can make this!!!

    jtyau commented almost 7 years ago
  • michyau

    mm...tasted so good. brian you missed out

    michyau commented almost 7 years ago

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