Raspberry Duck Breast

Classification: Poultry Homemade


Amy cocktail dress posted this
6 years ago

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Main ingredient for the sauce: Raspberry vinegarette, tomato paste, raspberry jam and red wine. Top it with red currant as show in the picture or fresh raspberry.


  • amylu


    amylu commented 6 years ago
  • jasonnnn

    yomada is amazing! me want to taste!!!

    jasonnnn commented 6 years ago
  • wyau

    My wife is for sure a great cook. The only thing is that sometimes I don't get the blessing of these goodies unless there are other people. Too bad we are empty nesters now.

    wyau commented 6 years ago
  • derekyau

    this looks extremely good... too bad I haven't tried it yet :(, I think the sauce would be quite tasty

    derekyau commented 6 years ago
  • briasaurus

    This was excellent. Laura Calder's recipe but with my mom's twist...good one!

    briasaurus commented 6 years ago

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